Old Maps 15th - 19th Century

Old Maps 15th - 19th Century

The gallery holds a collection of original maps from the 15th to 19th centuries depicting a variety of areas around the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The gallery offers popular maps that had been created for the Holy Land area by well-known cartographers.

All maps contain original steel engraving and hand colours, by some of the most famous cartographers around the world. These maps illustrate the progression and changes in the Holy Land from the 15th century on. The Holy Land has been a popular subject for cartographers over the centuries. Many maps contain Biblical elements from the Old and New Testament tracing important routes such as the Exodus and the travels of Jesus and his Apostles. Jacotin, a cartographer who traveled with Napoleon to Egypt and Palestine, produced the first maps based on scientific measurements. Shortly after Jacotin, cartographers Robinson, Kiepert and Van de Velde also began producing scientific maps, and in 1880, the Palestine Exploration Fund created more accurate maps, solidifying the basis of scientific research of the Holy Land.

Our map collection includes:

  • Holy Land
  • Jerusalem
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Other

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