Old Prints

Old Prints

The gallery offers original prints and lithographs that are over 150 years old. All prints have been created by stone or steel printing and are originally hand coloured. The gallery holds original prints from artists that travelled throughout the Holy Land such as David Roberts, David Wilkie and Vignal Pierre. Most of the maps offered are of limited edition and depict a variety of locations and sites in the Holy Land.

David Roberts (1796 – 1864): Roberts was a British artist born in 1796 in Stockbridge, New Edinburgh, to an extremely humble family. He spent his childhood in total but dignified poverty; however, this did not prevent him from showing early and remarkable artistic talent. Gifted with great determination and equal skills, Roberts succeeded in overcoming his humble beginnings, and quickly became one of the most acclaimed artists of the period. Roberts became known as an excellent landscape artist after travelling repeatedly throughout Europe. In 1838, he set out for Egypt and during the first months of the following year he toured the Sinai Peninsula, Petra, Jerusalem, Palestine, Baalbek and the coast of Lebanon. Francis Graham Moon published the lithographs taken from the sketches Roberts created during that remarkable journey of exploration in the Holy Land. These lithographs were published in London between 1842 and 1849 and assured him a fame that has lasted until the present day. The gallery offers original David Roberts lithographs from the1840s and 1850s.

David Wilkie (1785 – 1841): While detained by the war in Syria, Wilkie painted a portrait of the young sultan. He then sailed for Smyrna and travelled to Jerusalem, where he remained for some five busy weeks. The last work of all upon which he was engaged was a portrait of Mehemet Ali, done at Alexandria. On his return voyage he suffered from an attack of illness at Malta and died at sea off the coast of Gibraltar on the morning of 1 June 1841. He was given a burial at sea deep in the Bay of Gibraltar. The gallery holds original 1840s prints of his artwork that were created during his visit to the Middle East.

Pierre Vignal (1855-1925): Vignal, a French water colourist, was born in Bordeaux, France. The painter Maxime Lalanne introduced him to printmaking and painting and encouraged him to go to Paris to pursue a career as an artist. He later travelled throughout the Mediterranean and became widely known for his landscape watercolours. In 1922, Vignal embarked on an expedition in eastern Syria. When Vignal returned from his travels, he held a very successful exhibition of his watercolours of Lebanon and Syria.

David Roberts Lithographs

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